Cultivating Knowledge in Mommy's Garden

Thursday, June 30, 2011

How Our Garden is Growing

Herb bed- Through the months, first check in, nothing but weeds, second month - no pictures :(, third month, herbs established, forth month - fully grown, some blooming and some already to seed.

Perennial Garden -  Month 1 - weeds and initial growth, Month 2 - cleared out of weeds and can see the plants growing, Month 3 - healthy plants growing and looking good, Month 4- Wow!  Lots of color finally and growing very large!

 Corn - Month 1 - planting seeds, Month 2 - checking growth, Month 3 - measuring growth, Month 4 - look at it grow!

Dahlia Bed - Months 1 and 2- started in pots, Month 3 - border of marigolds planted, Month 4 - pretty plants!  (even one bloom that I didn't get a picture of)

Front Garden - Months 1 and 2- just a front yard... Month 3 - I really should do something with the front yard, lets put in a new garden!  Month 4 - needing a bit of work still, but looking good!
 New dahlia bed alongside driveway, no before pictures...

New flower bed, no before pictures

We've all learned a lot, the girls are helping with the weeding and the picking of flowers for arrangements.  What a wonderful project.
Thank you Homeschool Village for this project!

Garden Update


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