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Friday, April 15, 2011

April 12th Update

The weather was AMAZING today, we were outside from 9 till 1130 (we didn't even take a break for breakfast).  The girls played in their playhouse and the sandbox, and helped me do a little garden clean-up.  They also carried pots of dahlias from the house to the greenhouse.  It was chilly, but not a cloud in the sky, so we had a great morning!

The greenhouse, before and after (Pony helped us)
 Left and Right sides inside the greenhouse

 Garden helper :)
 "I see worms!"       "Let me see, let me see!"
 Iris bed, still needs work, but the asparagus box is doing okay, there are 4 or 5 stalks.  This is the second year for the box, so the plants still need time to establish.
 Perennial bed before
Perennial bed after the clean-up, birdbath was moved back to it's regular location (we put it on the patio closer for the winter so it can be heated).  Kelly the Cat, found the catnip! 

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