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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Measuring the Seeds ~ HSV

Today we got all our seed trays out of the green room and measured how tall they've gotten.  We planted all our seeds on April 1st.
 Herb tray and Vegetable tray
 Corn and Zinnia tray
One of the trays of dahlia tubers

We've been excited to watch the seeds growing, and the corn has gotten really  tall!  Our tallest corn is 13 inches tall already.

 Measuring the growth
 Charting the growth

 The "Rainbow Seeds" aren't doing well :(
 "I'm a Seed!"  Great book!

No picture, but this week it RAINED a lot every day, broke each days record rainfall (by about double!)
 Last week....  It snowed EVERY DAY!
 The week before...  Had one nice sunny DRY day!


  1. Do you have a little greenhouse -- I can't quite tell from the picture? Looks like you are really doing a great job with all of this. I love charting the growth - what a great learning activity!


  2. Mary, I just wrote a post all about where we start our seeds and plants.

  3. What crazy weather you have been having!
    Looks like they are having fun measuring the plants :)

  4. Impressive gardening for such insane swings of weather!